Thursday, February 26, 2009

Secular India?

Secular India has been no stranger to religious-oriented fractures; among others, Muslims and Christians, both, have suffered the scourge of Hindu Fascists/Hindu Zionists. India’s neighbor, and often its scapegoat for violence within, has been no stranger to ethnic disturbances either. However, in recent years, the exception with the latter is that ethnic minorities, particularly Hindus and Christians, remain unharmed. This is remarkable for a country that is always touted as one with a hardliner ideology.

If we take the recent upheaval that took place in Mumbai, for example, we observed a huge difference in public reaction; In India, violence broke out against Muslims in the streets. Many Muslim men and women faced insults, and many youth were physically assaulted by mobs. While the Indian media took an aggressive stance that only exacerbated the situation in the streets and did little to uncover any truth, in Pakistan, the feeling was different; the media were placid and awaited input from India as well as the international media.
The people in the streets in Pakistan did not resort to violence, and our Hindu population was unharmed. Isn’t that quite surprising for a nation that is believed to support Talibanisation?

It is understandable that there would be fury in India in the aftermath of the Mumbai carnage. However, one must also take into account that out of the 187 lives that perished, 147 were Muslims. Shouldn’t Muslims back home in Pakistan have been more irate about their deaths, particularly when reports began to filter through suggesting that all this had ‘conspiracy’ written all over it?

Yes, conspiracy! Among a plethora of facts that can be furnished that expose the RAW and Indian Fascist/Zionist hand in the Mumbai drama, I will present one that is most glaring. Hemant Karkare was gunned down with 9 mm pistols; he was shot in the back
within the first 15 minutes of the Mumbai Mayhem. As opposed to this, the terrorists carried 0.30 mm firearms. Certainly, the terrorists did not kill Hemant Karkare. And, to answer exactly why Karkare was taken out, you will have to wait for my next article. However, it is important to say that it was Karkare in pursuit of a fascist Hindu Nexus that was responsible for a series of terrorist attacks in India, which included the gruesome attacks on the Samjhota express as well as the drive against Christians in the towns of Orissa. Indeed, to the dismay of many in India, among those involved in these acts were people in strategic positions, such as Colonel Prohit [now arrested].

Now, let it be known that these are not my own statements or those of any other Pakistani writer. Instead, it is Indian Journalists themselves who have come forth and declared their knowledge about the RSS-RAW-Musad nexus. Writers such as Amaresh Misra are to be lauded for revealing the truth in times when risks and feelings run high. It is because of writers such as Amaresh along with brave anti-terrorist operatives like Karkare that India manages to hold on to whatever secular threads it has left. One cannot help but fear what could happen should the nuclear arsenal fall into the hands of Hindu fascists/Hindu Zionists. With a solid base formed under the Indian secret service in tandem with Hindu fundamentalists, religious tolerance is low. This is only exacerbated by media support with the exception of a few who dare to speak the truth.


monu said...

hindus are miniscule in pakistan.still hindu girls are kidnapped and converted. christians fare no better. such small population size! have some heart. even Iranians do not physically Iranian jews.

Glen said...

you know hardly anything about the hindu population in Pk. It may not be projected in the media, but if u live here u will obviously know more. However, if you still stand with your assertion, look at the large Christian population; the fact remains that these minorities are not persecuted the way they are in India. And the persecutions in India are well known, especially in recent times.

John said...

Is this the same Glen who used to tease me mercilessly in Mr. Down's chem class? Never knew you were a scorpio! Makes perfect sense.

S Hus